Latin American Studies I

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). Fall 1. 2021

Course Title: “Introduction to Critical Theory”
Duration: Six Weeks
Course: Fall 1 of 2021
Dates: Sept 3-Oct 8, 2021
Time: Fridays 3:00pm-4:45pm

Course Description:
Latin American Studies critically analyzes the conceptual boundaries of what Latin America is, who Latin America represents, and how this all came to be. A multi-disciplinary field, Latin American Studies combines international relations, policy and law, cultural studies, history, and literary studies. This course will outline many of the theoretical currents of Latin American Studies as a discipline. We will begin by asking the question “What is Latin America?” which is to say, “how did Latin America become Latin America?” We will then piece together the discipline, including approaches in LAS to visual and literary arts, sexuality and gender, colonialism and history, and finally end with contemporary field approaches.

Suggested purchase (Only if you need the physical book): The Companion to Latin American Studies (2003), ed. by Philip Swanson

Schedule (readings are meant to be done before the class during which they will be discussed)

Sept 3 – What is Latin American Studies (LAS)?: Disciplinary Introduction, History, and Concerns

Sept 10 – The Colonial Era: Contact to 1800 

Sept 17– The Caudillo Era: 1800-1900 

Sept 24 – Nationalism and the Afterlives of Colonial Violence

Oct 1 – LAS Approaches to the Caribbean

Oct 8 – LAS Approaches to Literary and Visual Arts 

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