Instructional Design Portfolio


E-Learning Authoring

E-Learning solutions for self-paced asynchronous courses. For each of the following projects, I carried the projects from start to finish – including research, planning, and authoring. The “College Grammar” used the SAM lifecycle, while “Multimedia in Instructional Design” used ADDIE. Click on the buttons below to learn more about each project.

Content Development

Over several years teaching in academia, I developed 20 courses with content on my specializations. As I pivot out of academia, I have adapted the syllabi that I once used in the classes into documentation that demonstrates sound knowledge of I.D. theory. Click on the buttons below to see the respective I.D. documentation packets for each project.


As most instructional designers in industry know – and as Kirkpatrick’s evaluation illuminates – what matters most are the outcomes. How are the impacts of this learning solution’s implementation being felt? Using this information assists in facilitation and design upon iteration. Click on the buttons below to see the data-driven outcomes for each project.

Project Management Portfolio

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