Introduction to Academic Writing at the University

ENG 105 – University of Miami, Fall 2019

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Course Description

English 105 is intended to serve as an introduction to the kind of writing, reading, and thinking that take place at a university. We will read challenging essays that would help to formulate our own writing. Peer review, collaboration with class-mates, active participation in classroom discussions, and revision are some of the methods that you will adopt to develop your own writing. The primary goal of this course is to polish your writing skills and help you become a more expedient, more thorough, and a more sophisticated writer. 

Identity and Culture: For the topic of this course, students will examine how our identities are shaped and the role culture plays in our education and in shaping our identity. We will also read supplementary handouts related to the topic and on the craft of writing. They will be available on the class blackboard website. Students will work with multiple sources, engage in inquiry-based projects, and present their findings in non-written formats (e.g., oral, visual, multimodal) where appropriate. 

As a result of English 105, students will demonstrate how to: 

  • Discuss writing metacognitively
  • Engage in critical questioning
  • Use texts as invitations and opportunities for writing and thinking
  • Deploy more sophisticated rhetorical strategies in their writing
  • Achieve the smooth flow of ideas through appropriate use of transitional words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs
  • Express ideas clearly and concisely
  • Edit and proofread your own writing to correct mechanical errors.
  • Maintain the focus of an argument
  • Reflect on your own writing and the writing of others (peers and professionals)
  • Describe the choices you’ve made in composing your texts and why those were or were not appropriate
  • Cite sources informally