Introduction to Academic Writing at the University

ENG 105 – University of Miami, Fall 2019

Course Description
Course Requirements
Grading & Rubrics
Assignments & Prompts

Course Requirements

Texts and Materials:

  • All texts will be provided on Blackboard and linked on the schedule page on this site. You will be expected to print and bring them to class or have full access to them during class.
  • Regular access to a computer
  • Portable storage (flashdrive, email, cloud, etc)

Required Work:

  • Analytical & observational essays – these four essays will be inquiry-based exercises modeled after the respective readings we will discuss during class time throughout the semester. Emphasis will be placed on being able to make and hold a worthwhile argument while exhibiting discipline in your use of language. Length for each final draft may vary from 4 to 6 pages.
  • Conferences – at least twice during the semester, you will be required either during class time or outside of class time to meet with me about your progress in the class and about specific revisions to your papers. For the first essay, these conferences will take place on Wednesday and Friday during our class time and you will have previously signed up for a specific time and you will be obligated to meet with me during that time and have the rest of our class to do your own work outside of the classroom. However, in the case that you are unable to meet during that time, you will be required to set up a conference during office hours within 1 week of our scheduled in-class conferences. For the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th essays, conferences will take place during class time and you will be required to attend class and work on your essay and peer reviews while I am meeting with you & your peers.
  • Classroom Work – class participation includes attending class, coming to class on time and prepared (having done the reading, assignment), participating in all class work activities, turning in assigned work when due, participating fully in any peer work, participating in class discussion, focusing on the work at hand, and conducting oneself in a manner appropriate to the college classroom. Failure to meet these guidelines for participation will impact your grade. Absences, lateness, and failure to participate fully in discussion and peer editing will lower your class participation grade.

Things to Remember:

  • All papers should be typed and printed in 12-point Times New Roman double-spaced font. Once we have reviewed the MLA format in class, students will be expected to follow standard MLA conventions for all their papers. 
  • Throughout the semester, the feedback you receive from me and your classmates should give your ideas for revision and help you meet the standards of college-level writing.  If you are ever uncertain about your standing in the class or about any of your papers, or if you need individual help with this course, schedule an appointment with me.
  • The Writing Center (305-284-2956) can also help you at any stage of the writing process.  Appointments are suggested, but they also accept walk-in visits.  If I think it’s necessary, I will ask you to use the Writing Center on a regular basis. Failure to do so will reflect badly on your participation grade.

On the Drafting Process: 
You are required to take each of your essays for this class through multiple drafts or stages. As you work through the cycle, you’ll have the chance to assess your work and receive feedback from me and your peers. Do not treat early drafts as blow-off work, and plan to write the “real” essay at the final stage. I would like to see all of your work for each essay, and I will want to see evidence that you treated each draft as a formal assignment.