Introduction to Academic Writing at the University

ENG 105 – University of Miami, Fall 2019

Course Description
Course Requirements
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Course Policies

Attendance and Late Work:
Students who know they must be absent because they participate in University-sponsored events are responsible for notifying me in advanceby providing a memo from their coach, director, or academic advisor. Students who will miss class for religious observances should notify me within the first three days of the semester in writing.

Students are expected to attend class as attendance will be factored into the participation grade. You have three free absences to use at your leisure. However,after three unexcused absences, the participation grade will be lower by half a point. Therefore, after three unexcused absences an A will become an A-. If you miss excessively, you may fail the course. 

*Unless otherwise arranged, late papers will not be accepted, as they are an extremely important determinant to our class progress. Also, I will only accept final drafts via Blackboard. You will also be evaluated on the basis of your participation in the group/ class workshops so take each class seriously.

Electronic devices are to be turned off before entering the classroom.  Do not text, email, beep, buzz, chime, ring, or ding in class.  Any such activity will reduce your participation points for the day, and may contribute to you being asked to leave class.  Laptops are to be used for class purposes only; however, the general rule is that we should only ever have laptops open if they are of use to our discussion or activity. 

Plagiarism is theft.  As a serious ethical and legal violation, it will be punishable by failure of the course and possible dismissal from UM. Plagiarism is a serious violation of the University of Miami’s Student Honor Code; failure to credit ideas or words that are not one’s own is a form of plagiarism.  Students are expected to document, acknowledge, and cite appropriately, even in drafts or partial assignments. You may not re-use and essay for this class that you or anyone else wrote prior to this class. This includes your own work from your time before this class.

Grades: If you have a question or concern about an assignment or participation grade, please come and see me during my office hours or talk with me before or after class to arrange a meeting.  Due to federal requirements, UM faculty are not permitted to discuss grades via email or phone, so we will need to meet in person.

On Accessibility, Accommodations, and Civility: If you have received accommodations from UM’s office of Accessibility Resources (ARC), please let me know. Whether or not you have documentation, I hope to make our learning experience as accessible as possible to all. Please let me know early in the semester if you have any concerns regarding your learning potential, participation, or general access in this course ( Having civility with your fellow students is of the utmost importance. There will be no tolerance for intolerance in this classroom. We will be discussing particularly polarizing subject matter. It is required that we each respect one another despite our difference in beliefs. Protection will and does exist for students who feel particularly burdened by the systems in which we find ourselves living.