As a consultant, Preston specializes in social media, visual and digital marketing and design, and professional and academic research. He works with small businesses and other organizations in the southeastern U.S. to create promotional marketing strategies in order to enhance online visibility. His portfolio of work focuses currently on the sustaining of social media presences for small businesses who otherwise may not have the internal resources to do so. Below are some questions and answers to see if your small business may need a consultant like Preston and a portfolio of the business profiles (Instagrams, Facebooks, and websites) he has helped to curate.


Why would someone need a social media and/or web consultant like Preston?
Many small businesses do not have or post on their social media platforms only when they have time. Their focus, understandably, is on what is most pressing: the in-person customer and day-to-day needs of the business. Because of this, social media and other Internet functions (including a business’s website) become neglected. This is where Preston offers help.

What does social media and/or web consulting look like with Preston?
As a consultant, Preston offers two methods of solution to problems of stagnant web presence. While both have similar goals of increasing foot traffic to your business by engaging with customers online and placing your business’s products or services in their newsfeeds at optimal times, their processes are distinct.

  • Consulting on a rolling basis (month-to-month services) means Preston takes over posting on your business’s social media pages and implements marketing research and strategies to help drive foot traffic to your business by engaging with customers online, increasing your business’s presence online, and creating marketing campaigns structured to improve customer excitement about what your business has to offer. Payment for this type of consulting would be done on a monthly basis.
  • Consulting on a project basis (one-time service) means Preston can write web copy (produce written material for posting online), provide market research for your specific business’s needs, and/or curate a strategies document listing information and instructions on how to make your business more visible online so that your customers are engaged and excited about coming in-person to your business to become life-long patrons. Payment for this type of consulting would either be done in one lump-sum or split up into scheduled payments (e.g. half at the start of the project, half at the end of the project).

How do I know which consulting model would work for me?
If you have the internal resources to run social media accounts but simply lack the market knowledge needed to best increase foot traffic by engaging with customers online, then you should consult on a project basis. If, on the other hand, you do not have the internal resources or simply do not want to handle the increased work-load that having engaged social media platforms entails, then you should consult on a rolling basis. If you are unsure, the best way to find out is to contact Preston and explain your circumstances.

How much does hiring Preston as a consultant cost?
Cost is based on many factors: the current state of the social media platforms (whether they are non-existent or are simply under-utilized); for consulting on a rolling basis, the amount of weekly work needed by the client’s platform(s); for consulting on a project basis, the time-frame and scope of the project. Each client receives a proposal specific to their needs from Preston, which will outline the timeline of events for project-based consults and the bulk of work for rolling-based consults.


Portfolio of Clients: